Driver Monitoring System Labeling


Driving while tired, distracted or over-stimulated may become a thing of the past, thanks to new technology Driving Monitoring System, that measures increases in pupil dilation as an indication of a driver’s mental workload, every position of the driver including his behaviour and even enviorment arround the vehicle. The solution will keep ADAS and navigation systems up–to-date with speed limit changes, warn drivers of upcoming construction zones and any other signs they may encounter on the road.

- Experience in the tens of thousands of hours of work on annotation frames
- Accurate labeling by frames

Face & Body Tracking

Driving Monitoring System is proposed to achieve the objective. Several Labeling Annotations are created for the purpose of the following processes: image acquisition, face and eye region detection and tracking, blink detection, gaze features detection, gaze estimation, subject-specific calibration and adaptive fusion of multiple estimations.

Driving Behaviour & Movement

With tracking behaviour of driver, Driver Monitoring System can recognize if the driver is watching the road or is he looking on the radio, even if driver is tired, through Labeled Annotations via frames the system recognizes every possible behaviour of the driver and also of other drivers on the road, pedetrians and traffic signs.