ADAS Traffic Labeling and Driver Monitoring

Automated driving systems use vision, radar, ultrasound, and combinations of sensor technologies to automate dynamic driving tasks. These tasks include steering, braking, and acceleration. Automated driving spans a wide range of automation levels - from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to fully autonomous driving.

Driver Monitoring System

Driving Monitoring System is proposed to achieve the objective. Several Labeling Annotations are created for the purpose of the following processes: image acquisition, face and eye region detection and tracking, blink detection, gaze features detection, gaze estimation, subject-specific calibration and adaptive fusion of multiple estimations.

Facial Visual Analysis

Facial detection software use landmarks called nodal points to detect faces. It maps out a face by measering distances between eyes, ears, mouth aswell as the shape of a face. With this information it creates a code a so called face print.

Design and development of new products ( Catia V5)

- develop and implement innovative and creative solutions for new products
- issue all technical documentation as required by the Product Development Process
- participate in the Engineering Change Management Process through changes on existing drawings and preparation of drawings and technical documentation for release

Contribute to R&D programs

Contribute to RFQ design activities

- design optimization for manufacturability - creation of RFQ documentation
- Participate to all product maintenance activities

FEA Simulations:

- Design verification by FEA (Ansys)
- mechanical, thermal and electrical characteristics of products
- Support to design engineers with FEA calculations
- Manufacturing process optimization by FEA


- Development of new products using Catia V and other CAD tools
- Optimization of existing products.
- Experience in the tens of thousands of hours of work on annotation frames
- Accurate labeling by frames
- Preparation technical documents and blueprints.
- FEA simulations (Ansys) (static structural,thermal-electrical, dynamic calculations)
- Reverse Engineering (making native CAD models and the drafts on the basis of physical units)
- Rapid prototyping - SLS, SLA...
- Rapid tooling - prototype injection molding of prototype tools from original material used in mass production products
- Services of dimensional and electrical measurements inside DVP&R documentation


Job description In order to ensure the development of aid systems in video-based steering wheels, the video database is equipped with the so-called "ground truth". In the process the relevant objects in the video (e.g. cars, traffic signs, etc.) are marked manually. The data generated in this manner will later serve as a reference for the evaluation of cognitive functions in the testing phase. Given that any mistake in the marking process causes an unnecessary optimizing loop in downstream testing, a precise operation and pixel accuracy of signs are priorities in our procedure of video-marking.

Processes and quality
- Procedure according to the "Leanmanagement" principle
- Guarantee of the highest standards through the implementation of the quality control system with 100% control of the final product

- More than 20 potential workplaces in a newly renovated 200 m2 office with qualified staff, ensuring cost awareness and stability of work

Work conformity
- Consequential definition of measurable results
- Spatial and organizational separation using privately owned equipment and their own IT infrastructure
- the outcome of the compensation connected to the milestone